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Re: [nafex] Pythium root rot

   I don't know if it works as a curative, but the use of mycorrhizal fungi
in the soil, with good organic matter to help encourage balanced soil flora,
is a very effective way to prevent soil borne disease.  I haven't had any
cases of damping off, etc. since I've been using mycorrhizal fungi.  I think
highly of it enough to put a link to my supplier, Bio-Organics on my web
-Lon J. Rombough
Grapes, unusual fruits, writing, more, at http://www.hevanet.com/lonrom

>From: "Ron " <oldapple@fastransit.net>
>To: <nafex@egroups.com>
>Subject: [nafex] Pythium root rot
>Date: Fri, Jul 14, 2000, 7:56 AM

>    We are a small nursery and orchard business located in NW North Carolina
>specializing in the collection and propagation of heirloom Appalachian apple
>trees. We benchgraft our trees and raise them in plastic nursery containers.
>    This year we grafted over 1000 trees and have lost close to 60% to
>Pythium root rot. This is the first time we have encountered this disease in
>such proportions and are desperately seeking answers concerning the biology
>of Pythium. We are working closely with researchers at NC State University
>to determine how the pathogen was introduced in an effort to prevent future
>    We would like to ask NAFEX members for any relevant information that
>will aid us in combating our current infection and help us prevent this from
>recurring in the future. Have other NAFEX nursery growers suffered large
>losses from Pythium? If so, what was the course of treatment?
>    Thanks for your help.
>Ron & Suzanne Joyner
>Big Horse Creek Farm
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