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[nafex] Material to make fruit pressing bags

There have been several requests for information for apple cider and 
fruit pressing bags.

I have bought material from THE RAIN SHED in Corvalis Oregon; phone 
541-753-8900. They are very helpful folks on the phone; and I have 
been very happy with their service over the years. Since my press is 
not a standard size I make my own bags.

I have used Leno Mesh, a tough black nylon mesh with 170 holes per 
square inch to make pressing bags and have been well satisfied. The 
cost for a yard 54 inches wide is $13.25.
They also have a Phifertex vinyl coated polyester mesh same width but 
in 4 colors with 150 holes per square inch for $11 per yd.
Hank Parker
Maple syrup, apples
NH zone 3-4

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