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[nafex] Bears in orchards

Some of you might have heard about a bear attact on an athlete near Quebec
City a few weeks ago. It seems that the bear population has been increasing
regularely during last years - at least in this area. Most years, bears pay
me a visit in my orchard, eat some apples, and leave a few traces of their
passage (the sort of trace you can walk on, slip on, etc...) - these visits
do not bother me too much as I can share a few apples with them. Some
years, however, the situation gets quite worse: years where there are very
little wild fruits because of bad conditions during flowering, for example,
the bears get hungry and come in much greater number to eat apples. They
can then do quite a lot of damage to the trees.

Unfortunately, I expect this year might be a bad year for bears - all the
condition are there for them to come in great number for my apples.

I was wondering if the fishing line that was proposed for deer control
could be efficient to prevent the bears from coming in the orchard.

Any others on the list have tried something about bears?

Claude Jolicoeur, Quebec.

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