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[nafex] [Fwd: Search for Origin of Paducah]

Dear NAFEXers:

I received this message from Bob McGuinty too long ago, and wonder if
any of you can help him with it?  Thanks so much.  Have a great

Jackie Kuehn

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Dear Jackie:

I am a fruit hobbyist of about 8 years and I did not know who else to
send this to so I am sending it to you hoping it will into the right

Several years ago I visted the University of Georgia experiment station
at Blairsville,GA. There I noticed several large trees with large red
apples on them. I inquired as to the variety and was told they were
called Paducahs. The people at the station could not tell me anything
about the variety as the trees were there when they came and that they
no longer used the tres in their studies. The apples had a very
distinctive flavor, similar to winesaps, and I became interested in
trying to in trying to find some trees to buy. After looking through
numerous catalogs and calling several nurseries I found a nurseryman who
had a few of the trees. He could not tell me anything about the origin,
pollination or chill hour requirements as he had grafted the trees for a
man  who had brought him the scion wood. His payment was that he got to
keep some of the trees. He doesn't remember the man's name. I have
talked with Mr. Lee Calhoun (NC) and  I have corresponded Mr. Ed Fackler
and  with people in the horticulture department at the University of
Kentucky. Mr John Strang referred me to Mr. Henry Converse who has given
me the most information yet but none  has been very conclusive.

If anyone has any information on this apple variety I would appreciate
hearing from them.It appears I  may some apples this year for the first
time.I plan to graft some of the wood onto some MM 106 rootstock . I
have some extra wood if anyone is interested and would like some.(no

Also, I am looking for some scion/bud wood for a variety known as Ozark
Hardy. I understand it had another name when it was first discovered but
I don't remember what it was.
Thanks for any help!

Bob McGuinty                        P.O. Box 565
Rochelle, GA 31079

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