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Re: [nafex] Apple Maggot trapping

For your small trees you may want to use a coke or other red aluminum can
brushed with Tangletrap. Put some water in the can to stabilise it and hang
from the pull tab with a thin strip of rag. This also works well for
spreading small limbs on young trees as the weight can easily be adjusted by
how much water you put in the cans. You can do two jobs with one can! No
mess to clean up for reuse, just throw the can in the recycling bin when
you're done.............vic

Annette Kruzic and Robert Sweet wrote:

> Hello,
> Apple maggots have recently invaded our neighborhood and so I am
> trapping them for the first time this summer.  I have a few questions
> about this, I am hoping to learn more.  What percentage of apple maggot
> flies can one trap? Do traps lure more of one gender than the other?
> Any hints for setting traps in very small trees?  Do apple maggots
> prefer some varieties over others? Do they stay at one height or do they
> go to any apple in the tree?  I am using mostly Red Delicious apples
> brushed with brush-on Tanglefoot and ammonium carbonate.
> Thank you very much,
> Annette Kruzic

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