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Re: RE: [nafex] quince, pluot

Hello Richard and Derry. The Centre for Plant Health (CPH) at Saanichton drastically reduced the size of its holdings about 3 years ago. For a brief time the collection was maintained by a private nursery but last year it reverted back to the CPH. They maintain a couple quince indicators but that is all. 

A major problem is that many nurseries in most parts of eastern Canada cannot ship tree fruit budwood or fruit trees to British Columbia because of oriental fruit moth. When the Genebank was located in Trenton Ontario this was not a problem as that pest was not found there. However, I did have to get a Domestic Movement Certificate to ship any tree fruit germplasm to BC. Now the only way I can do this is to have dormant wood fumigated prior to shipping. This is hardly convenient or a simple manner.

In the past I have dealt with Inner Coast Nursery in Cortes Island, British Columbia. The have quince so perhaps that is your best route. 

Website is: http://oberon.ark.com/~innersea/


Good luck.


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