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RE: RE: [nafex] quince, pluot

Margie:  Thanks for the information.  Fumigation is certainly a lot of


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> Hello Richard and Derry. The Centre for Plant Health (CPH) at Saanichton
> drastically reduced the size of its holdings about 3 years ago. For a
> brief time the collection was maintained by a private nursery but last
> year it reverted back to the CPH. They maintain a couple quince indicators
> but that is all. 
> A major problem is that many nurseries in most parts of eastern Canada
> cannot ship tree fruit budwood or fruit trees to British Columbia because
> of oriental fruit moth. When the Genebank was located in Trenton Ontario
> this was not a problem as that pest was not found there. However, I did
> have to get a Domestic Movement Certificate to ship any tree fruit
> germplasm to BC. Now the only way I can do this is to have dormant wood
> fumigated prior to shipping. This is hardly convenient or a simple manner.
> In the past I have dealt with Inner Coast Nursery in Cortes Island,
> British Columbia. The have quince so perhaps that is your best route. 
> Website is: http://oberon.ark.com/~innersea/
> Good luck.
> Margie

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