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[nafex] RE: quince cultivars

  Regarding the recent discussion about quince cultivars.  Below, FYI, I
have copied a list of the quince clones that are presently available at
the USDA germplasm repository.  Many of these are rootstock clones, but we
do have a fair number of the cultivars that are grown for fruit.  Small
quantities of scionwood are available, although Canadian requests may
require an import permit.  We hope to continue to expand this collection
to represent additional European, Russian and eastern Asian cultivars.
Several are already being processed through the USDA quarantine program in

   To get more background info on any of these clones, visit our web site
and follow either the 'Cydonia' link, or the 'Catalogs' link.  
(http://www.ars-grin.gov/cor)  The cultivar names on our web catalogs link
to accession history data - Joseph

	Joseph D. Postman, Plant Pathologist 
	USDA/Agricultural Research Service 
	National Clonal Germplasm Repository
	Corvallis, Oregon  USA

    Number	Plant Name
    -------- --------------------                                                        
      15.001 BA-29                                                            
      75.001 Bereczki  [Beretskiquitte]                                       
      90.001 Cooke's Jumbo                                                    
      78.001 Ekmek                                                    
      18.001 Fontenay                                                         
      91.001 Gamboa                                                   
      77.001 Harron                                                           
      79.001 Limon                                                            
      85.001 Orange                                                           
      12.001 Pigwa 1                                                          
      61.001 Pigwa 1                                                          
      13.001 Pigwa 2                                                          
      62.001 Pigwa 2                                                          
      14.001 Pigwa 3                                                          
      63.001 Pigwa 3                                                 
       9.001 Pillnitz 1                                                       
      10.001 Pillnitz 2                                                       
      11.001 Pillnitz 3                                                       
      20.001 Pillnitz 5                                                       
      59.001 Pineapple                                                        
      76.001 Portugiesische Birnquitta                                        
      60.001 Provence (BA 29-C)                                               
      95.001 Pseudocydonia sinensis                                           
      16.001 Quince A                                                         
      89.001 Quince A                                                         
      64.001 Quince A                                                
      65.001 Quince C7/1                                                      
      66.001 Quince E                                                         
      57.001 Quince S                                                         
      29.001 Quince W                                                         
     102.001 Rich                                                             
      81.001 Seker Gevrek                                                     
      87.001 Smyrna                                                           
      80.001 Tekkes                                                           
      93.001 Tencara Pink                                           
      71.001 Teplovskaya                                                      
      88.001 Van Damen                                             
      22.001 W-4                                                              
      23.001 WF-17    

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