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[nafex] Re: elderberry goo

>    From: mIEKAL aND <dtv@mwt.net>
> Subject: elderberry goo
> Whenever I make wine out of elderberries I get a green goo, almost as sticky as >glue, & it deposits on all of the winemaking glasswear & the strainer bag....  >Seems like some sort of tannic compound.  What is it & is there anyway to avoid >producing it, & anyway to get it off short of scraping or alcohol..

Mikel, The best way to avoid the goo is to wait until the berries are very ripe, 
and then wait a little more - till some start to drop.
  If you are concerned with the healthful aspects of the wine (our elderberry 
wine tests for antioxidant status comparable to a French Bordeaux) then you must 
not boil the fruit as Bill Russell suggests. This will remove the goo but will 
also destroy most of the vitamins, anthocyanins and other nutrients.
  The best way to remove the goo is to use a caustic cleaner available at most 
homebrew supply shops.

Best of luck,  Bob  Z4, Utah

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