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Re: [nafex] Mandarin Melon Berry?

Last time I had a conversation with Jerry Black of OE, he had admitted that
his resources had become at best, "inadequate" and that he was seriously
considering divesting his holdings and going into a non-profit aspect of
growing. I knew at that point he had had it as he is experiencing the 
hardest part of expansion without planning, "rough road when that happens."
He really tries but as you said Donna, he's a grower and not a businessman.
Tough to do both when your heart tells you something else.
It really is a shame too as he has been able to provide in the past exotics 
that are quite unique...
Last I heard he was trying to acquire the rare parajubea Toralyii.
Bets wishes,

Kieran or Donna wrote:
> I have been annoyed that Oregon Exotics never listed scientific names, so
> when they used a weird name (like Mandarin melon berry), people would order
> it, only to find out it was something commonly available from other places.
> I am sorry to hear they might be about to go under though, I have been
> intrigued by Jerry Black's travels.  I heard he had others actually running
> the company, probably people better at business, but obviously not good
> enough....    Donna
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