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Re: [nafex] Pacific Rose apple?

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   It means that the stores want them sooner so they are picked green. I was 
told once by an orchardist after inquiring why they were picking Red 
Delicious beforw a frost or freeze when the flavor is best. They said when 
the stores ask for them they want them or you don't get the big order. So 
they ship cardboard tasting beautiful red apples.
Gordon C. Nofs
Flint,  MI.

*******	On a related matter, I've noticed something about apple varieites
that make it big time & show up in the supermarket chains.  When they first
came out, I couldn't find a mediocre Fuji or Braeburn apple - all tasted
great.  But after a couple of years, most of the ones I now buy from the
market are mealy & bland.  Maybe there's a law, the "Law of Diminishing
Quality", that states that as an apple becomes more widely cultivated (and
stored) its average (consumer) quality invariably drops.  Oh, well, I guess
that's why we grow them......


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