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Title: New Back Page

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I've been updating the Interest Group information,  and thought I'd post it to the group so you can update the e-mails, phone numbers, etc. without having to wait for POMONA to come out.   Read it carefully - there are changes in existing e-mail addresses, and even some different area codes for phone numbers.
     Also, I missed the deadline for the fall issue for some of the information.    Since some of the chairmen don't list phones or e-mail, it will take a while longer to get them updated.
    And if you are interested in working with a group that has no chairman, or you think a new group is needed, let me know.
    Incidently, David Kuchta (Bees for Pollination) has been battling cancer and it would be good if we could send a note or two to let him know we care.

-Lon Rombough


To receive a reply, correspondence must include a self-addressed, stamped
envelope.  Interest groups allow members to participate directly in NAFEX
through sharing experiences and interests with others of like mind.  In
turn, IGs share with NAFEX through Pomona.  Share your experiences, reading
and research.  Groups work on variety exploration, cultural methods,
collecting and testing varieties, breeding, variety history, or anything
else connected with fruit and nut growing.  You can make a single
contribution to a group or be a long-term member.  To ask a question, join
a group, or just share something, contact the chairperson of a group.  Join
 as many as you like.
People interested in chairing or starting new IGs should contact the
Interest Groups Coordinator.  It is an excellent way to learn about the
fruit or nut involved, and it takes only enthusiasm and a bit of time.
Please send all additions or corrections to:  Interest Groups Coordinator,
Lon J. Rombough, PO Box 365, Aurora, OR   97002-0365.  Phone (503)
678-1410.  E-mail:  <lonrom@hevanet.com>

APPLE:  CHAIR--Richard Fahey, c/o Christian Homesteading Movement,
RD 2, Oxford, NY   13830.  No phone.  NORTHERN PLAINS CHAIR--Don
Birkholz, Rt. 89, Broadus, MT   59317.
APRICOT: CHAIR--Bob Purvis, 7300 Iden Ave. South, Cottage
Grove MN 55016, (651)-769-8473, 5:30-10:30 p.m. CST weekdays, all day
Sat. and Sun.  E-mail: <rpurvis@nass.usda.gov>
CITRUS, HARDY:  CHAIR--Dr. Alfred R. Loeblich III, Dept. of Biology,
University of Houston, Houston, TX   77204-5513.
CONSULTANT--Donna Hudson, PO Box 1298, Cookeville, TN   38503.
 (615) 526-7344.  <redherring@tnaccess.com>
CRATAEGUS (Mayhaws, Hawthorns):  SOUTH:  John Harrington, 4794 Scales Lane,
Orange, TX 77630.  (409) 735-7355 E-mail: <jwhfaye@ih2000.net>    NORTH:
Douglas Armstrong, Olivet Nazarene University, Kankakee, IL     60901-0592.
(815) 937-9387.  <douglasarmstrong@hotmail.com>
ELEAGNACEAE (Autumn Olive, Goumi, Sea Buckthorn):  CHAIR--Annie
Black, 170 Hidden Springs Lane, Cookeville, TN   38501.  (615) 268-9889,
6 AM - 7 AM and after 6 PM central time.
FIGS:  CHAIR--Raymond U. Givan, 2412 Lowground Rd., Guyton, GA   31312.
 (912) 728-4028, 8 AM - 10 PM  eastern time; <raygivan@earthlink.net>;
website URL <http://home.earthlink.net/~raygivan>
CONSULTANT--Dr. A. J. Bullard, 307 W. Henderson St., Mt. Olive, NC
28365-1999.  (919) 658-4424.
GRAPES, MUSCADINE:  CHAIR--Marvin Lewis III, Rt. 1, Box 1705, Converse,
 LA   71419.  (318) 567-3240.
HONEYLOCUST (Gleditsia triacanthos):  CHAIR--Andy Wilson, Springtree
Agroforestry Project, Rt. 2, Box 536, Scottsville, VA   24590.  (804) 286-3466.
JUJUBE:  CHAIR--Roger Meyer, 16531 Mt. Shelly, Fountain Valley, CA   92708.
(714) 839-0796, evenings. <exoticfruit@95net.com>
CONSULTANT--Paul Lyrene, Fruit Crops Department, 1143 HSPP,
 Gainesville, FL   32611.  (904) 392-4711. <pml@GNV.IFAS.UFL.EDU>
KIWIFRUIT (Actinida species):  CHAIR--Bob Glanzman, 1220 NE 90th St.,
 Seattle, WA   98115.  (206) 523-6403.  e-mail: <kiwibob@umailme.com>
PAWPAW:  CHAIR-- Dr. Kirk W. Pomper, Kentucky State University, 129
Atwood Research Facility, Frankfort, KY 40601.  The best time
to contact me by phone is from 9-11 AM.   Phone (502)227-5942
Fax (502) 227-6381.   Email: <kpomper@dcr.net>
PEAR:  SOUTHERN CHAIR--Travis J. Callahan, 15102 Lindsay Dr.,
Abbeville, LA 70510.  <tjcal@acadian.net> (337) 893-9134; web & fruit
growers page address <http://www.acadian.net/~tjcal>
NORTHERN CHAIR--David Sliwa, 2682 Lannon Hill
Rd.,  Decorah, IA   52101.   (319) 382-3922.  <sliwa@oneota.net>
PERSIMMON, KAKI or ASIAN:  CHAIR--James Beimel, PO Box 202, Clinton,   MS
39060 <JBeimel416@aol.com>   Regional co-chair is R. Lamon Ready,   526
Ready Lane, Cairo, GA 31728-4759; phone: 912-377-5111
PLUM:  NORTHERN CHAIR--John Bunker, 167 Turner Mill Pond Rd., Palermo,  ME
04354.  <ftrees@mint.net> (207) 993-2837.  Letters or email preferred.
 SOUTHERN CHAIR--David Ulmer, 7157 Camellia Lane, Sebastopol, CA   95472.
Phone 707-824-1650;  e-mail <davidu9999@aol.com>
RIBES (Currants and gooseberries):  CO-CHAIRS--Ed Mashburn, 707 Front St.,
Northumberland, PA   17857.  (717) 473-9910. <Ribes60@aol.com>
RUBUS (Raspberries and blackberries):  CHAIR--Peter H. Tallman, 5690
Steeplechase Dr., Longmont, CO   80503.  (303) 684-9404;
<pete_tallman@hotmail.com>  SOUTHERN CHAIR - Roy Mercer,
1434 Somervell  CR314, Cleburne, TX 76031.
WALNUT (Butternut, heartnut, English walnut, etc.):  CHAIR--Don Balser,
1458 Donnelly Rd., Mt. Vernon, WA   98273.  (360) 424-3157. <dbalser1@earthlink.net>


ACORN (Sweet or edible):  Ken Asmus, PO Box 19425, Kalamazoo, MI
 49019-0425.  (616) 624-6233, 7 PM - 9PM.  E-mail:  <oak24@aol.com>
AMELANCHIER:  Wayne Fuhr, 12826 126 St., Edmonton, AB   T5L 0Y1
 Canada.  (403) 452-8054.  <fuhrwe@telusplanet.net>
GRAPES:  Lon J. Rombough, PO Box 365, Aurora, OR   97002-0365.
 (503) 678-1410.  <lonrom@hevanet.com>
HONEYBEES:  Ray Lackey, 1260 Walnut Ave., Bohemia NY  11716-2176,
 (516)567-1936 between 8 & 10:30 PM; <lackeyr@hazeltine.com>
MULBERRY:  SOUTHERN--A. J. Bullard, 307 W. Henderson St., Mt. Olive, NC
 28365.  (919) 658-4424.  NORTHERN--Lewis E. Ward, 246 Smith Rd.,
 Newfield, NY   14867-9707.  (607) 564-7506, weekdays 9 AM - 8:30 PM
 eastern time.
PEACH AND NECTARINE:  Don Birkholz, Rt. 89, Broadus, MT   59317.
SOUTHERN--Lloyd Williams, 8197 Hwy. 155, Montevallo, AL   35115.
QUINCE:  Lester H. Davis, 1644 Lokey Dr., Columbus, GA   31904.
 (706) 323-0857.  Best after 9:30 PM eastern time;
STRAWBERRIES:  Brian Smith, Dept. of Plant and Earth Sciences, UW-
 River Falls, River Falls, WI   54022.  Office:  (715) 425-3851; home:
(715) 425-2131.  <brian.r.smith@uwrf.edu>
WALNUT, BLACK (Juglans nigra):  A. W. Heiman, Jr., 717 Ernie-Lu Ave.,
Anderson, IN   46013.  (765) 643-4582. <bheiman@libertybay.com>
BEES FOR POLLINATION:  David Kuchta, RD 1, Tippets Rd., Rt. 54,
Nesquehoning, PA   18240.  (570) 645-3652; <humblebe@intergrafix.net>
CANADIAN SOURCES:  Martin P. Waterman, Box 121, Petitcodiac, NB
 E0A 2H0 Canada.  (506) 756-2016.  <WatermanMP@aol.com>
POTTED CULTURE:  Lee Reich, 387 Springtown Rd., New Paltz, NY   12561.
(914) 255-0417, early morning eastern time best. <springtown@netstep.net>
WINTER HARDINESS:  William MacKently, 325 State Hwy 345, Potsdam,
 NY   13676.  (315) 265-6739; <trees@sln.potsdam.ny.us>  Phone calls
 preferred to letters.
CENTRAL ASIAN CONSULTANT:  Dr. Chiranjit Parmar, 186/3 Jail Rd.,
 Mandi HP  175 001 India.  Phone (01905) 22810; fax (01905) 25419;
PERMACULTURE:  Dan Hemenway, Barking Frogs Farm, PO Box 52, Sparr, FL
 32192.  <Elfpermacl@aol.com>