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Re: [nafex] Apple sauce production

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To avoid separating we freeze ours in plastic 1 liter containers as soon
as it is cooled.  Seems to be nicer that way after long storage too.

We just save 1 liter yogurt or cottage cheese containers.

To make bigger batches, you are going to have to use commercial equipment.

We buy maple syrup in 5 gallon containers, and out of season that is
frozen too (we buy locally).

Best of luck.


Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a

On Tue, 12 Sep 2000 W3cmp@aol.com wrote:

> After spending a full weekend making and canning applesauce in (10? qt. 
> pots), one small batch at a time, my wife has asked me to ask if there are 
> recipies available for bigger batches?  She cores and peels the apples, puts 
> a little water in the bottom of a pot, and slowly cooks the apples down.  She 
> adds sugar to taste when the apple have almost completely turned to asuce.  
> Two complaints are the tendency of the applesauce to burn if not constantly 
> stirred (we use aluminum pots for cooking, although we ended up  also using 
> crock pots and although small, they seemed to work fine), and the tendency 
> for the sauce to separate after it has been sealed.  Does anyone have any 
> suggestions, leads on equipment for making larger batches than 10 qt pots, 
> and tips on keeping the sauce from separating after it has been canned?   
> Maybe it would be a good thing to make an article for Pomona.  Thanks for  
> your replies in advance.  Chris Patterson