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Re: [nafex] Maypops (Passiflora incarnata)

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In a message dated 9/14/00 5:57:58 PM, cmmcguire@students.wisc.edu writes:


I am very interested in growing and breeding the maypop for its edible fruit
(Passiflora incarnata).  The maypop is a perennial vine native to the
southeastern U.S. and is related to the more tropical passionfruit.  It bears 
truly delicious fruit.  

I have spoken to Lon Rombaugh about starting a NAFEX interest group for the
maypop.  I am writing this email to learn whether others of you are interested
in the maypop and to hear what your experiences have been.  Below I have
included a brief description of maypops gleaned from my own experience, my
reading, and my conversations with other growers.  I hope to hear from some of

Chris >>

Hi Chris:
    We have wild maypops that grow almost to the size of baseballs on short 
vines.  However we never get any and the wildlife eat all of them before they 
get ripe.  This appears to be the only passiflora that has edible leaves as 
well.  It is a choice forage plant for cattle.