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Re: [nafex] Grafting filberts/hazels

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One of Mid-Michigan's fruit/nut growers grafts filberts commercially.  It is not
easy to get takes.  Sid is a nice guy but Sid does not talk much.

What he does say:
-Filberts are very fussy about callousing temperature.  He built a building to
callous filbert grafts in.  He keeps the temp very close to 80 F.  He places the
grafted rootstock in a large pot and callouses the whole shebang in his building.
He does not worry if it pushes leaves because he has little shock since he leaves
it in the pot.
-He often  use a simple splice graft.  That may be due to the large diameters he
sometimes works with.....it might be due to the tendency for the top part of the
rootstock to slough-off....as noted by Gordon
-He leaves a "nurse bud" at the top of the rootstock, also pointed out by Gordon.

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