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Re: [nafex] Hawthorn compatability

Hello neighbors!

I don't know if you ever met Henry Lang of Milan (NH), but I know that his dad and he grafted pear to hawthorn. This goes back many years as Henry was 93 when he passed away in June of '99. The pear, usually Flemish Beauty, overgrew the stock, but I don't remember any big problem with that. Hope this information is helpful................vic
PS: I still have your book here at the store, would it be easier to drop it off to Nancy at school?

Michael and Nancy Phillips wrote:

Hi all, Has anyone had experience grafting apple to hawthorn? This part of my question has to do with noticing round-headed appletree borer don't seem to attack hawthorn very readily. Of course if I put apple on top that could well change.Secondly, has anyone grafted hawthorn to apple? We'd like to grow more hawthorn for medicinal purposes but I know apple rootstock is much more commonly available. One book I have mentions 100 to 1000 species of hawthorn in North America . . . might anyone out there know if any work has been done to identify species that have greater medicinal potency?Thanks! Michael Phillips
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