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Re: [nafex] Hawthorn compatability

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From: Michael and Nancy Phillips <mphil@together.net>
To: nafex@egroups.com <nafex@egroups.com>
Date: Tuesday, September 19, 2000 3:11 AM
Subject: [nafex] Hawthorn compatability

Hi the in New Hampshire,
     There's been quite a bit of work done on the Mayhaw (C. opaca and C. aestivalis) which grows along the Gulf coast.  We grow them successfully here and if you're not too far from the coase in HH, you might get them to grow up there.  The other which is used medicinally in europe is the Azarole, C. Azerolus, which we also grow successfully here.  There's a Mayhaw group which has investigated the medicinal properties of the mayhaw, but I don't know about the Azarole.    Hector Black zone 6, middle TN

Hi all,
 Has anyone had experience grafting apple to hawthorn? This part of my question has to do with noticing round-headed appletree borer don't seem to attack hawthorn very readily. Of course if I put apple on top that could well change.
Secondly, has anyone grafted hawthorn to apple? We'd like to grow more hawthorn for medicinal purposes but I know apple rootstock is much more commonly available. One book I have mentions 100 to 1000 species of hawthorn in North America . . . might anyone out there know if any work has been done to identify species that have greater medicinal potency?
Michael Phillips
Heartsong Farm Healing Herbs
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