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[nafex] FW: Scott's Botanical Links for a Week

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>From time to time there have been a couple of notes from people interested
in tissue culture, since it's such a valuable tool in propagating perennial
plants.  Here is something that might help.
From: Scott Russell <srussell@OU.EDU>
Subject: Scott's Botanical Links for a Week
Date: Wed, Sep 20, 2000, 8:03 PM


September 18, 2000
Plant Tissue Culture Information Exchange

This site is a resource for plant tissue culture--a powerful method
for cloning plants that has been used in breeding and germplasm
preservation. This site provides information about micropropagation,
chimeras, protoplasts, somatic embryogenesis, biotechnology, links and
a "plug" for Aggie Horticulture. It also provides a forum and access
to a community of tissue culturists through listservs. This is a good
location for starting to find resources on the web, though some links
are old. Much of the content is the personal work of Daniel
Lineberger, at Texas A & M, who runs this site. (***1/2) -SR