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Re: [nafex] Apple expert??

Ward Barnes wrote:

> By the way what is an "expert"?  I have heard that an "ex" is a
> *has been* and a "spurt" is a *drip under pressure*.

     My response-------

     A simply GREAT defination, Ward!!!!  Personally, I don't think I've ever
been the former ("ex").  However, since being in this business, I've been a
"drip under pressure" since memory.  Or, any ag business, regardless of rhetoric
to the contrary, suffers from a near total apathy for our society.  Or,
currently ag is confronted with the "Hell, we can always eat at McDonald's"
     And this collective lack of interest has put pressures on farmers
unequalled in modern history.
     A relavent (to NAFEX) example is simply the pitafully low prices which
fruit and trees are sold for.  RE: the recent commentary about Bear Creek being
up for sale.
     And as surely as folks read this, I'll be blitzed with the typical whining
of stuff costing too much, whilst the same whinners are driving 'em wunderfully
eco-efficient SUVs!!!!

     Don't ya' just luv it!!

Ed, So. Indiana, Heaven, etc.

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> Coastal Zone 7
> Wake, VA.
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