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[nafex] Duchess

I'm looking for information about Duchess of Oldenburg.  In particular, 
I'm interested in:

How did it pick up its name, since it was-and still is- Borvitsky (etc.) 
or Charlamowsky (etc) in Europe and Russia?

Is it actually the same apple as Borovitsky and Charlamowsky,or as some 
suggest, are they 3 different apples of the same group?

If it is a different apple, was it a Borovitsky seedling that orignated 
in northern Germany?

How was it disseminated once it was imported by the Mass Hort. Society 
in 1835 or thereabouts?

What are some of it's progeny besides Dudley and Hazen?

Is there a historically more important apple in the northern US and 
Canada?  The only one I could think of is Malinda.

Any answers of even guesses would be of interest.

John Bunker Maine zone 4.

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