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Re: [nafex] Duchess

Hello John,
Well, Duchess of Oldenburg is a vast subject to search - would be worth a
Ph.D. thesis...
Here is what I find in my documentation:
1- Progeny apart from Dudley and Hazen: New Brunswick and Milwaukee (OP
seedlings), Fall Red (Duchess x Haralson), Regent (Duchess x Delicious),
Pewaukee (Duchess x Northern Spy), Red Baron (Golden x Red van Buren Duchess).
Some authors claim Erwin bauer would be a OP seedling of Duchess, however,
it is more likely a seedling of Geheimrat Doktor Oldenburg, which is a
completely different apple of German origin.

2- Synonyms: Most authors including Bultitude and Khanizadeh claim
Borivitsky, Charlamowsky and Borowinka are all synonyms. Beach (Apples of
New York) writes that Borovinka is distinct but very similar. Daryl Hunter
(Kitchen orchard CD) writes: "DUCHESS OF OLDENBURG  - Known as Borovinka as
early as 1700 in the Tula area of Russia. Also listed in European nursery
catalogues as Borovitsky and Charlamowsky. In North America it also may be
called Duchess or Oldenburg of Downing. First brought to England around
1815 along with other Russian varieties. In 1835 the Massachusetts
Horticultural Society imported Duchess along with Alexander, Tetofsky and
Red Astrachan into the United States."

3- >If it is a different apple, was it a Borovitsky seedling that orignated 
>in northern Germany?
I have never read anything in relation to this hypothesis.

4- >Is there a historically more important apple in the northern US and 
>Canada?  The only one I could think of is Malinda.
Around here, I would say Fameuse (Snow) and McIntosh.

Claude Jolicoeur, Quebec.

A 16:54 00.10.03 -0700, vous avez écrit :
>I'm looking for information about Duchess of Oldenburg.  In particular, 
>I'm interested in:

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