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Re: [nafex] Duchess

John, the references are:

John Bultitude, "Apples - A guide to the identification of international
varieties", published I think in 1993, by University of Washinton Press. I
made a search for this book a few years ago and it was out of print. I use
the copy from the University library. Interestingly, although published in
USA, this book is a lot more on English varieties - surely the best if you
need information on Laxton's Superb or Frogmore Prolific for example... But
it also includes many North American varieties.

Shahrokh Khanizadeh and Johanna Cousineau, "Our Apples - Les Pommiers de
chez nous", published in 1998 by Abriculture and Agri-food Canada. This is
an interesting book for apples grown in our areas, however I find it a bit
expensive for the quality of book, of paper, of printing. You may have more
information at: http://www.pgris.com/index.htm


A 05:55 00.10.04 -0700, vous avez écrit :
>Thanks Claude (and others) for the infomation on Duchess.  Can you tell 
>me more about  Bultitude and Khanizadeh?  I'm unfamiliar with their 
>Thanks, John Bunker Maine zone 4

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