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Re: [nafex] Triple Crown

Don wrote:

6.  What is it about this plant that you did not expect?

My reply:

First of all thank you for your reply.

In answer to you question I grow the following brambles:

Autumn Bliss
Trying to grow FallGOld
And a few others

Triple Crown was my first real attempt at cultivating blackberries and
its vigor simply astounded me.  I intended to train it like I did my
other brambles and follow a similar maintenance schedule.
Which basically is trellis wires set at 18, 24, and 36 inches in an 18
inch row, tip prune them at 36 inches twice in the season, the first
after a heavy rain in mid August, the second in late September.

The dang Triple crown competed with my grape vine for overtaking my small
garden.  It ran all over the place, seems to prefer to grow prone rather
than upright, and simply loops over the supports back to the ground.   It
also seems to burrow in the ground rooting all over the darn place.     I
have triple crown in my strawberry beds, in the raspberries, in the
grapes, in the compost bin, all over the place.

So I thought I would prune out the canes after the fruited, but I began
to wonder if it propagates by self rooting rather than by pushing new
canes like raspberries.    Therefore I thought I might hav eto actually
cut the cane sin order to propogate the plant.   Even in this drought the
thing rooted all over the place.   

Lastly I should mention that a couple of people contacted me privately
over the last year with some latent virus concerns with the plant coming
out of a Northeast commercial supplier.   
I planted this knowing the "risk", and willingly as a home grower to
assume that risk.  I would not have if this is how I made my living given
others experience.

By the by, the Triple Crown I sampled at the Annual meeting in 1999 was
the sweetest Black Berry I ever bit into.  That was my reason for
planting it.

Thanks for the response,anyone else?

				the rabbit

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