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Re: [nafex] Apple Canada Reinette


According to Crawford's Directory of Apple Cultivars, Reinette du Canada:
medium-large, round-conical, greenish yellow/gold, slight orange flush, russet
patches, tough. flesh pale cream, quite sharp, dry, crisp, flavour good late
(?).Tree high vigour, good cropper. Pick mid October (in England), stores until
March, blooms Day 14, triploid, resistant to scab, dual purpose (eating and
cooking). Origin ?France

The Book of Apples by Joan Morgan and Alison Richards says R du C possibly arose
in Normandy. Origins obscure but mentioned under this name 1771. Widely
distributed throughout Europe; introduced North America by early 1800s. Synonyms
numerous. Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit 1901.  Favoured exhibition
variety in England, often found in old gardens. Still widely grown in Europe and
esteemed in France for making pies and very late eating.   In the description,
they say: lenticels conspicuous as star-shaped dots

At the UBC Apple Festival a couple of years ago an old Italian fellow came and
said the Reinette du Canada we had on display was not really R du C!!   Since we
have about 230 varieties of apples on display and since I don't know the R du C,
we chatted to him at length.

He came back the next day with an aerial photo of his village in the mountains of
northern Italy where the number one apple grown was R du C.  They ate it fresh,
juiced it, and distilled the juice to make alcohol during or after WWII.

He said he had a friend here (in Vancouver) who was from same village and who had
a R du C in his back yard.

The next year I arranged to go and collect some R du C from his friend for display
(and I tasted some of the alcohol distilled from the R du C .. whew!).  I showed
these apples to some of our apple identification experts and they thought this
apple was a Belle de Boskop.

So I think R du C looks very like Belle de Boskoop and I know
Goudreinette/Houdreinette also looks very like B de B, but apparently the texture
and flavour of B de B and Goudreinette are different.

There is also a Reinette Grise du Canada (aka Delbard) which is supposed to be a
sport of Reinette du Canada but more uniformly russetted.

Is that more than you really needed to know?



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Subject: [nafex] Apple Canada Reinette
: I am looking for a good description of the Canada Reinette apple, does
: anyone have one?
: Regards,
: Tom

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