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Re: [nafex] Apple Question

Here is another one that is almost worth a thesis...
It seems McIntosh is probably a seedling of Fameuse (Snow) but also
possibly a seedling of St-Lawrence which itself is probably a seedling of
Fameuse. And Fameuse could be either a seedling from a seed brought from
France during the French colony, or could also be an old forgotten French

Other than the 2 abovementioned, Fameuse have the following descendance:
Princess Louise, Shiawasse, St-Hilaire, Blair, Crimson Beauty, Lawfam.

McIntosh, on the other hand, has about 60 1st generation descendants listed
in my database. Some of the better known are: Empire, Hume, Lobo, Macfree,
Macoun, Melba, Moira, Novamac, Shamrock, Spartan, Summerland, Tydeman's
Red, Brock, Cortland, Jonamac, Mantet. If you permit, I'll skip 2nd and 3rd

You mention Cortland and Empire. Cortland is Ben Davis x McIntosh and
Empire is McIntosh x Delicious.

Hope this helps...

A 03:27 00.10.04 +0100, vous avez écrit :
>I seem to have lost my notes.  Can anyone give me the "Snow/mac" lineage.
> If I recall correctly it goes something like:
>Snow-->Macintosh--->Cortland-->Empire???    and several others in
>Can anyone help me out with parentage and the like?
>Thanking you in advance for any consideration you give this matter,
>			the fluffy one

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