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Re: [nafex] Apple Question

McIntosh is assumed to be a daughter of Snow, but then not too much DNA
testing was being done back in the 1790s.

Cortland and Empire are half-sibs, both out of the Geneva breeding program.
Cortland = McIntosh x Ben Davis, intoduced 85 years ago.
Empire   = McIntosh x Delicious, named in 1966.

    Others with McIntosh bloodline:
Fireside = McIntosh x Longfield, from U.Minn. 1943
Fortune  = Scoharie Spy x Empire, introduced in 1995.
Honeycrisp = Macoun x Honeygold, U.Minn. 1991
Jonamac = McIntosh x Jonathan, Geneva 1972
Liberty  = Macoun x PRI 54-12, Geneva 1978
Macoun  = McIntosh x Jerseyblack, Geneva 1923
Northern Lights = Haralson x McIntosh, Geneva 1990
Nova EasyGro = Spartan x PRI 1565, Nova Scotia station 1971
Spartan = McIntosh x Newtown Pippin, Summerland station 1936
Spencer   = McIntosh x Golden Delicious, Summerland Station

All in all, the old Snow apple has been busy these last 200 years!!

Jim Cummins

fluffy bunny wrote:

> Gang:
> I am preping for my "Apple Tasting(basically a promo for NAFEX).
> I seem to have lost my notes.  Can anyone give me the "Snow/mac" lineage.
>  If I recall correctly it goes something like:
> Snow-->Macintosh--->Cortland-->Empire???    and several others in
> between.
> Can anyone help me out with parentage and the like?
> Thanking you in advance for any consideration you give this matter,
>                         the fluffy one
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