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[nafex] Triple Crown

Mr. Bunny:

1.  I have the impression that Triple Crown is quite a new blackberry
cultivar, so there may not be many with more than a year or two of
experience with it.  I planted 10 last April, and it has grown all
summer with extreme vigor and no disease problems.
2.  I built strong supports for them, consisting of treated 8' landscape
timbers as posts, treated 2x4's screwed together in a "T" form across
the top, and four strands of No. 9 galvanized wire spaced between the
posts and stretched tight.  Without this, they would be all over the
yard, as some of the canes have grown more than 14 feet before I pinched
them off.  I am tying them up with plastic coated wire.  After pinching,
they don't give up, but continue to try to grow.
3.  Several canes that got back down to the ground before I tied them up
tip-rooted, but they do not sucker.  They would be easy to propagate by
4.  We got a few berries from the original canes, and they were of
excellent quality, although I would say slightly smaller and a bit more
tart than the thorny varieties I have grown in the past. (Darrow and
Shawnee).  This was probably not a fair test, and I look forward to next
season to see what they are really like.
5.  I am assuming that I will renovate the same way I did with thorny
types; cut out and remove the old canes after fruiting, and tie up the
new ones.  I know they will be more labor-intensive than the thorny
types, but I anticipate they will save me a great deal of pain.  I hated
working with the thorny types, but loved the berries.  With the number
of healthy canes that I have stretched over 30 feet of supports, I
expect to to get a substantially larger crop next summer than the
equivalent space devoted to thorny types.
6.  What is it about this plant that you did not expect?

Best Regards, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA
"Where the deer and the antelope play".  Minus the antelope.

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