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Re: [nafex] Using Water for Freeze Protection

Hi Doreen:

I have an area set aside where I have built a concrete blocked 3 tier
garden. The fill depth is over 30" and on the corners where the block
holes are facing up, I have pvc pipe running up to 6.5 ft. Then above there
is a rectangle out of pvc and I just throw a combination of clear 4 mil
plastic and tarps over strawberries, tomatoes & broccoli. Where the frame
holds the heat and high enough off the tomatoes. At night I cover
the area with both tarps and plastic and during the day I pull the tarp
halfway back and leave the plastic if the days are in the 40's.
Last season, I was still getting strawberries, broccoli & toms until x-mas.
If you can spare the expense you could devise this rather quickly with
merely a perimeter around your target area of one course of block and then
drive pvc into the corners and above use y-fittings to complete the frame.
If you paint the blocks dark, they will attract heat and give off even
more radiation at night.
If you need further details, please e-mail me. Happy to help!

Best wishes,

"Gordon C. Nofs" wrote:
> Doreen
>    I think it is time for you to give up and pack it in for this year. I
> know that in southern Michigan, here in Flint Mich. we are going to have
> about a week of freeezing nights, so they are predicting. It is over due
> already. Look up concentrated Kelp to protect from freezing, If you need
> more info, e-mail me, and I will give you the info.
>       Gordon
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