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Re: [nafex] Re: Forward this message.

Dear Dr. Parmar:
Thank you for the explanation as I myself was puzzled by your post it would
now seem apparent this was not your intent.
On the subject of PC-illin virus software and virus, if your program has caught
the "KAK" chances are pretty good it has isolated it off your system and put it
in a "Quarantined file". If you can access your PC-illin program, try this....
Click on, Quarantine, then click on the quarantine icon bin, this will open your
files that have been stored in this safe file.
If you do find the KAKWORM.A click it to highlight it, then go up above and hit
"delete" this will negate the file in it's entirety from your system.

At one point or another we have all been subjected to these bothersome "PITA's",
(Pain in the A#@es). Wish folks who had the talent for writing binary codes 
and scripts would turn that intellect into more philanthropic or valuable code
for everyone to benefit from.
If your still having a problem discarding the virus please contact me off-list
and will be more than happy to assist, Dr. Parmar.

Thank you for clearing the air....
Best wishes,
"J. Rosano II" wrote:
> Dear Folks:
> This also accompanied the other and am again following Dr. Parmar's wishes.
> Best wishes,
> John
> > "Dr. Chiranjit Parmar" wrote:
> >
> > Dear John,
> >
> > Thanks for the advice.  Kindly forward the following message to NAFEX List.  It is not
> > going from my computer to NAFEX.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > 6 October, 2000.
> >
> > Dear listmembers,
> >
> > I am extremely sorry that a computer virus also travelled alongwith my mail of October 1
> > to you.  This has happened inadvertently.  I also received this virus called KAK.WORM
> from
> > some where via e-mail.
> >
> > Interestingly, this virus becomes active only on the first of every month.  That is why
> it
> > travelled on all my mails sent by me you and others on that date.
> >
> > It does not do any harm.  Only an unwanted window appears when you start Windows 98.
> But
> > still a virus is a virus and it should not be there at all.
> >
> > Can any of you tell me a solution for cleaning my system from it?  I have tried the
> common
> > antivirus software like NAV, PC Cillin etc.  These just indicate its presence in the
> > system but are not able to take it out.
> >
> > Apologizing once again for the accident.
> >
> > Dr. Chiranjit Parmar
> > Horticultural Consultant on Lesser Known Indian Plants
> > 186/3 Jail Road
> > Mandi  HP  175 001  INDIA
> > Phone;(01905)22810  Fax:(01905)25419
> > E-mail: parmarch@vsnl.com

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