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Re: [nafex] Dr. Parmar

Dr. Parmar,
I hope I did not offend when I stated my only problem with your offers was that
I did not know about the diseases which might come in with your plant material.
As I read further, I gather you are sending seeds rather than plants, and I have
been lead to believe there is little risk from importing seeds. I would be
interested in further comments on this, if anyone knows anything to the
contrary. Please accept my apologies if I was offensive.

On another subject, if it would be of help to you, I would be pleased to offer
my services as an intermediary to cash your checks and forward the money to you
in a form which your bank would find more acceptable, provided your bank could
accept some form which I can aquire. I am, unfortunatly in the center of the
country, so not able to visit any of the international banks that might have
your own currency available. Still, we might work out a plan whereby you are
able to have access to more of the cash and have it faster. Lest you think me
overly generous, or greedy, I would charge you what it costs me to help,
Postage, money changing fees, and such, no actual income for me in the deal.

If this would help you, or if I may be of help in another way, do not hesitate
to contact me.

Joyce (James) Caldwell

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