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Re: [nafex] Dr. Parmar

Sending an electronic transfer, according to my bank, requires a $30
charge plus the amount being sent.

I use PayPal as an means of paying for items in the USA. They inform me
that they hope to have an International payment plan sometime in 2001.
My PayPal transactions are charged either against my bank account or a
credit card. The recipient gets a transfer directly to their PalPal
account where they can draw upon the deposited funds. There is no cost
to the recipient to establish a PayPal account.

On overseas payments, the quickest and most secure way is to use a
credit card for payment. Most commercial business operations can accept
credit card payment. Your can fax your credit card number, send the
number by two separate e-mails, transmit the information by phone, or
send the number via a letter.

When sending a check, I have previously agreed upon the proper amount in
local currency and converted the amount to US dollars,. The fee their
bank charges to process the check is added to the check.

Obviously sending a small amount of currency overseas can be very
expensive. For example a $5 amount and an $8 processing fee more than
doubles the cost; however, a $100 amount and a $8.00 processing fee
seems to be a reasonable transaction.

I don't sent cash. 

Claude Sweet
San DIego, CA

Bruce & Joyce wrote:
> Dr. Parmar,
> I hope I did not offend when I stated my only problem with your offers
> was that
> I did not know about the diseases which might come in with your plant
> material.
> As I read further, I gather you are sending seeds rather than plants,
> and I have
> been lead to believe there is little risk from importing seeds. I
> would be
> interested in further comments on this, if anyone knows anything to
> the
> contrary. Please accept my apologies if I was offensive.
> On another subject, if it would be of help to you, I would be pleased
> to offer
> my services as an intermediary to cash your checks and forward the
> money to you
> in a form which your bank would find more acceptable, provided your
> bank could
> accept some form which I can aquire. I am, unfortunatly in the center
> of the
> country, so not able to visit any of the international banks that
> might have
> your own currency available. Still, we might work out a plan whereby
> you are
> able to have access to more of the cash and have it faster. Lest you
> think me
> overly generous, or greedy, I would charge you what it costs me to
> help,
> Postage, money changing fees, and such, no actual income for me in the
> deal.
> If this would help you, or if I may be of help in another way, do not
> hesitate
> to contact me.
> Joyce (James) Caldwell

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