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Re: [nafex] Non-apple inquiry


Have you tried using OMAFRA (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

They have a very large on-line database of information.  It includes listings of recommended varieties for Ontario.

Here is a start;




You can even find the email addresses of OMAFRA specialists in the various crop articles, and I find that they answer questions pretty quickly..

This will give you a good grounding regarding growing berries in Ontario.

Best of luck,


Gord Hawkes wrote:

Thanks for your response Mr. Bunny.  We are located in eastern Ontario,
Canada zone 5.  I wish I could say that we receive consistently good snow
coverage but unfortuneately our winters vary considerably from year to
year - last year we had virtually no snow - very hard on our garlic.  I
guess you could say our planting would be of a commercial endeavour but
small by commercial standards - we plan on both selling and processing the
fruit.  We plan on mulching everything that we plant.  We also plan on
planting in sheltered spots.  I realize that blackberries will require the
most winter protection and that all require acidic soil.

I am most interested in finding Canadian sources (nurseries) which sell most
of these berry bushes/plants.  I realize taste is subjective, however I am
seeking the impressions of anyone wishing to provide their commentary on
varieties.  We are interested in doing small plantings of a wide variety of
fruit.  This year we planted four different varieties of Saskatoons (aka
Serviceberry or Juneberry), Evans cherries and three varieties of

So, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Gord Hawkes
Log Cabin Orchard
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada eh?

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It was queried:

Greetings all!  We are thinking of planting approximately 200 each of
zone 5
hardy blueberries (half high), lingonberries, jostaberries, raspberries
blackberries.  Not only must they be able to withstand our wild
winters, but we are looking for good tasting fruit (subjective I
Any suggestions on varieties and nurseries (Canadian preferred)?

My reply:

Four things immediately leap to my mind:

1) Is this a commercial endeavor?
2) If so how do you intend to market the product?
3) How much snow cover to you get and at what time of year, and how
reliable is it.
4) What is the intended use of the product(fresh eating, juice, canning,
jellies, freezing)?

My personal opinion is until the above questions are answered varietal
discussions are without context and therefore have little direct merit.

Very truly yours,

                                    the fluffy bunny
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