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Re: [nafex] Ancient Apple Varieties

Court Pendu Plat is in the USDA Clonal Repository here at Geneva, Tom; should be virus-free and scions could be sent into Canada.  Contact Phil Forsline, Curator at plf1@cornell.edu

Jim Cummins

Tom Olenio wrote:

 Hello List,

Is it still possible to acquire some of the more ancient apple varieties in Canada?

Such as CORT PENDU PLAT (or "Corps Pendu"),  or SEMENTINUM?

COURT PENDU PLAT - An ancient apple known in the 16th century and  possibly dating from the Roman days. Its more than one hundred synonyms  testify to its merit and the breadth of its culture at one time throughout  Europe. Its name "suspended short flat" describes a characteristic - a very  flat apple with a barely perceptible stem causing it to lay tight against the  branch like a peach. Its color and skin texture give it an antique appearance,  much like Italian marble, bright yellow or orange flushed with rose over a  fawn russet skin. The flesh is yellow, firm with a rich flavor that LeRoy, the great French pomologist, described as having an "aftertaste of musky anise deliciously perfuming the mouth. Often known in England as the "Wise Apple' because of its late budding and flowering (by far the latest in the Southmeadow collection) which enables it to escape late spring frosts. It ripens in October.

Thank you.


Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Canada
Hardiness Zone 6a


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