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[nafex] viburnam trilobam

this is my first attempt at a chat room,  well see if i push all the 
right buttons.      i'm in one of the tiny pockets of zone 2 that 
northern minnesota is blessed with.   im now 3 years into a lifelong 
quest to grow any kind of fruit that can make it here, well or at all.  
highbush cranbery is native, happy , and relatively rare here.   an old 
timer told me that was diferent before the depression in the 30's.   he 
and every other kid went out gathering it, selling the bark for a 
handsome  price as a medicinal-- so much so that it was well nearly 
wiped out.   are any of you nafexers growing these, a few or 
commercially?  does any one know of a market these days for the bark? 
highbush makes great wine, juice,.....
    deer....what we cant eat are kept out of our large garden by our 
$150 red snapper solar powered electric wire.  i put up 8' t posts at 
30' wire insulators every 10"(every 3" 1st 18" for racoons) insulators 
and wire didnt cost much.   i put outdoor carpet under wires to stop 
grass from shorting out the snap.( carpet store loves me -they have to 
pay to haul old carpet to dump)    i'd say $200 would do a 100' by 100' 
area. i educate them once a year with peanut butter on the wire, i 
figure its kinder than lead.   del in n. minnesota

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