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Re: [nafex] deer prevention

Armando, I agree with you. I feel the same way about squirrels and Blujays.
   As for deer. I have heard of streching a fence flat out on the ground 
works well, they don't want to walk through it. I would think it would have 
to be a certain height off ground. What type of fencing   I don't know 
The only effective deer prevention is a bullet - A BULLET FIRED FROM A HIGH
POWERED RIFLE !!!!!  That does it every time.

I have deer running around here like cockroaches (a lot of out-of-state
people here have bought acreage and post their land, so the deer herd is out
of control). They grew up reading about Bambi and think deer are cute.

  One night I drove into my lower orchard and there were eight there - the
grandmother, daughters, grandchildren, etc.  Sure - they get yummy new
growth and buds, lush grass in the rows, and apples in season - and plenty
of alfalfa nearby.  It's like a quality restaurant - hors d'ouvres to

I have tried EVERTHING: soap, mothballs, Deer Away, spraying an egg-water
solution, wire at 30", an electric fence (this year).  And you know what?
It ALL works - but only for a while.

I don't want to put up a board fence as it's so ugly - and expensive.
I notice that the big orchards up in Québec all have high wire fences around
them - miles of it.  The cost must be exorbitant - I wonder how they make
any money on their apples.

So the alternative is to shoot 'em - or you can build a high (VERY high)
board fence or wire around your orchard.  That works too.

Armando Bona

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