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Re: [nafex] deer prevention

Has anyone put up a 4' fence with a single strand of wire 4' high and 4' away
from the main fence?

Another idea (which I planned on using, but I had back problems all summer) is
to put up your regular fence, then tie a row of chicken wire (36" or more) to
the top of the fence material. The chicken wire is then proped up at intervals,
to provide an extra height/width barrier which may also discourage 'coons and
'possums a bit. The theory is that deer can jump high, or wide, but not both.
Also, that coons and possums don't like to climb on wobbly stuff.

So far, it's only a theory, but I hope I can try it this spring.


(a lot of out-of-state
>people here have bought acreage and post their land, so the deer herd is out
>of control). They grew up reading about Bambi and think deer are cute.

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