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Re: [nafex] Seedling tree

Pear apple? WOW! Promote away, promote away.
Did you actually taste one of these yet Donna, sounds delightfully intriguing.
I'm sure if there is even a remote possibility that this is a "new variety"
some nafexers would want this. I know I would......
Thanks for bringing it to light.
Best wishes,
PS... The link for Starks on the Saturn peach was, (the other brought you to a 
domain name web site.) : )

Kieran or Donna wrote:
> A fellow came through yesterday selling apples from his orchard.  I had fun
> talking with him.  He claimed to have a Golden Delicious X pear apple.  I
> told him he didn't.  I hear these sorts of stories now and then, about the
> "fruit salad' tree with apples and peaches on it, etc.  I explain why that
> could not happen, and so I did with this one.  He came back a few minutes
> later and said he didn't want to look like a fool, but that this was really
> an exceptional apple and he wanted to promote it.  I said if he was going to
> go around saying it was an apple/pear cross, that he was certainly going to
> look like a fool to anyone who knows better, unless he had proof.  I said if
> he'd grow out a hundred seedlings and look for pear charasterics to
> resegregate, he could make pomological history if he was right.  Then I
> asked if he could tell his 10 varieties apart by the leaves, and he said
> yes.  I said he might be able to figure out the pollen parent (assuming he
> does not make the history books) from the leaves on the seedlings.  He asked
> if I'd grow out the seeds, I said sure.  NOW I realize they would need to be
> selfed to tell anything, right?  He asked me to ask you all what you thought
> about the possibility that it might really be a pear apple cross.  I didn't
> tell him you would all snicker.  Ya'll do seem a lot more polite and gentle
> with novices than me.
>     There is more.  He got almost a hundred trees grafted to this variety.
> He's been watching it for 12 years, and though it gets CAR, it seems immune
> to fire blight.  He says the flavor is superb.  He says it looks rather like
> Grimes Golden, but cooks completely differently.  He's given away several of
> these trees already, and might give away a few more.  I'll bet it wouldn't
> be hard to get him to send some apples for one of these famous apple tasting
> you people do in more genteel areas than Black Hole, Tennessee.  Apparently
> he has some kind of email address, with someone else manning the machine for
> him.  Anyone game?  I should be able to get the email address and pass on
> your comments or requests.  Donna TN z6
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