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[nafex] Apple ID & Antique Pears

I came across this apple when visiting an antique orchard in Waukesha, WI.
Montgomery Ward 1936 is about 5 oz., oblate, yellowish-green with plenty of
red striping and mottling.  I believe there is a Macintosh parent, because
it tastes similar.  Does anyone have any info on it or even heard of it?  If
you like, I have a photo I can email you as a jpeg attachment.

Second question, learned group of fruit explorers!  Exactly what constitutes
an antique fruit?  What is the date criteria?  With vegetables, it's any OP
that was in existence before 1940 when hybrids become popular in commercial
plantings.  And, roses, it is any rose in existence before 1867 when the
first hybrid tea La France appeared.  So, what is the delineating date for
an antique apple or pear?

Doreen Howard
Zone 4b, Wisconsin

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