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Re: [nafex] Apple ID & Antique Pears

Hi Doreen,
I would like a pic of the Montgomery Ward please. It could be one of those local
varieties. I don't know the dateline for 'antique' in apples. In my project I am
using anything that made or could have made it into Beach. There are many other
references that give approximate/exact dates of discovery/development. 1904-5
and earlier is close enough for me........then I'll deal with the 20th century

Doreen Howard wrote:

> I came across this apple when visiting an antique orchard in Waukesha, WI.
> Montgomery Ward 1936 is about 5 oz., oblate, yellowish-green with plenty of
> red striping and mottling.  I believe there is a Macintosh parent, because
> it tastes similar.  Does anyone have any info on it or even heard of it?  If
> you like, I have a photo I can email you as a jpeg attachment.
> Second question, learned group of fruit explorers!  Exactly what constitutes
> an antique fruit?  What is the date criteria?  With vegetables, it's any OP
> that was in existence before 1940 when hybrids become popular in commercial
> plantings.  And, roses, it is any rose in existence before 1867 when the
> first hybrid tea La France appeared.  So, what is the delineating date for
> an antique apple or pear?
> Doreen Howard
> Zone 4b, Wisconsin

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