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[nafex] Meyers Lemon

Last summer, I tried putting my potted Myers Lemon outside, and it
quickly dropped all its leaves, and the squirrels "harvested" all the
immature fruits.  It kind of recovered, but when I brought it indoors
for the fall, it dropped all its leaves again, and it was weeks before
any grew back.  So this summer I kept it indoors.  It lives in a spot
that gets strong morning sun whenever the oaks are bare of leaves.

Over the summer, it dropped most of the dozens of baby fruits it had
set, and basically went dormant.  Nothing new grew, nothing old fell
off, and the lemons slowly got larger.  Now, the oak leaves are falling
and the lemons (5, ranging from as long as my thumb and nearly as wide,
to a little shorter and half as wide) are turning yellow.

1)  How can I tell when they are ripe?

2)  Any advice to compensate for the long period without any direct sun?

My standard care is to water it once a week, with a little "Shultz"
generic fertilizer each time.  I also turn the pot 90' clockwise each
time I water it, to get a symmetric plant.

Thanks for any help,

Eastern Mass.
Zone 6

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