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Re: [nafex] Doughnut peach


Ed & Pat Fackler wrote:

>      My response---------
>      Re: Jim Cummins extensive comment on "dwarf" peach/nectarine.  Or, better yet, call
> Stark Bros. and ask--then post their response!!
Jim did cover that pretty thoroughly not sure if I will be contacting Stark anytime soon 
to get their response. <G>
>      You wrote---------------
> >
> > Ed can you kill a standard peach by cutting it back too much. I don't mean
> > by hacking it away to nothing but to the main butt or trunk but keep lopping
> > off the topgrowth and holding a small compact short habit. Will this effect
> > the mortality in a standard, even if the roots are free to move along ordinarily.
> > Thanks for the wisdom from the reaches of heaven over there.
>      My response---------
>      If this severe pruning is done after danger of sub-freezing temps (say late April at
> your locale), it will not hurt the tree.  For that matter, it will radically invigorate
> it.
>      Down south, I've seen peach/lovell held to 8' for years..
This did have me worried because my "land race-Gianni's Miracle" one of the 2 trees I
have had gone through a very vigorous pruning last fall but this years spring set flowers
and leaves but within 6 weeks dropped all leaves and did not reproduce leaves.
I think sadly, the lawn weed killer did too good a job. (With fingers crossed) I hope
it comes back next year.
Thanks for the swell advice!
> Ed, Heaven , etc.
> >
> >
Best wishes,
Z 5/6

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