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Re: [nafex] Doughnut peach

<<Has anyone out there in NAFEXland seen the Saturn peach
on anything rather than standard stock? Looking for the Saturn in a 
dwarfstock 3-5 ft. Starks only has standards and introduced them only a 
couple of years ago from Dave Wilson whom, only sells wholesale to tradesmen.
Wont a standard take at least 5 years to bear?>>


As I posted earlier, I have Saturn on Citation rootstock.  I agree with Ed 
Facakler that no really good dwarfing rootstock is available for peach.  
St.Julian A is ok here in California and I have used St. Julian X in 
Mississippi for a really small tree but it suckers too much.  Citation seems 
to do well here but read David Strayer's article in the Fall Pomona.

Ed is also right about peaches bearing early even on a standard tree.  I had 
peaches on several standard trees this year that had been in the ground only 
one season, however more fruit on the Saturn tree.

David Ulmer
Sebastopol, CA

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