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Re: [nafex] Listings

A 12:30 00.11.06 -0500, vous avez écrit :
>Hello Lon,
>We are in the very basic stages of setting up a regional NAFEX group for
>Ontario, Canada.  The goals are similar to NAFEX, in sharing local
>plant material, and hopefully attending events across the province as they
>occur to actually meet one another.

Hey, Tom,
I wasn't aware of that OFEX. I don't want to get into a political
discussion here (And you know as well as I that this can be painful), but
why do you exclude Quebec???? Please don't do like the constitution of 1982...

Ontario and Quebec have pretty similar conditions for fruit growing and,
for the moment, are still part of the same country, ensuring no border
ennoyment. I would suggest an OQFEX for Ontario and Quebec fruit explorers.

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