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Re: [nafex] Listings

to Lon,   how about the ribes association out of northern calif. if you dont 
know about them i could do some digging, del, n. innesota

>From: "Lon J. Rombough" <lonrom@hevanet.com>
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>Subject: [nafex] Listings
>Date: Sun, 05 Nov 2000 20:25:14 -0800
>The item below should be self-explanatory.  Does anyone have any additions,
>corrections, changes to suggest?
>-Lon Rombough
>  One of the best parts of belonging to NAFEX is meeting others with 
>interests.  In the past, that usually meant corresponding with them, and
>perhaps meeting them in person if you were able to attend NAFEX1s annual
>  Now there are regional NAFEX groups that make it easier for members to 
>together with fellow fruit explorers.  Additionally, there are allied 
>that aren1t technically part of NAFEX, but which are sufficiently similar 
>goals that many NAFEXers are members of both.  Herewith is a list of
>regional NAFEX groups plus groups similar to, but not directly allied with
>MIDFEX - Midwest Fruit Explorers.
>Or: http://nsn.nslsilus.org/nbkhome/midfex/index.html
>E-mail questions about MidFEx or general fruit gardening questions to
>For membership application and information, check out our Membership Info.
>web page or mail us at:
>   J. C. Andersen
>   Midwest Fruit Explorers
>   PO Box 3124
>   La Crosse, WI 54602-3124 
>Direct all other correspondances to our official mailing address:
>   Midwest Fruit Explorers
>   P.O. Box 93
>   Markham, IL 60426
> If you must reach us by phone, contact Gene Yale at 847-674-5913
>The Southern Fruit Fellowship is an informal organization of amateur fruit
>growing enthusiasts throughout the Southern United States. Membership is
>open to all interested parties. Membership dues are $7.00 per year within
>the U.S. and $9.00 outside U.S. Send your payment in U.S dollars to:
>  Retta Davis  
>  2051 Evergreen Drive  
>  Shreveport, LA 71118  
>Or contact Retta at DavisD_R@juno.com
>In addition to a quarterly newsletter, there is an annual meeting and
>frequent informal get-togethers. Join and meet fellow fruit growers!
>Central Illinois regional group.
>Send $4.00 for 2 years for meeting notices to:
>Tom Vorbeck, 1716 Apples Road, Chapin, IL 62628.
>e-mail: <vorbeck@csj.net>
>Began in 1990 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
>Members get together four times a year at seasonal meetings (Winter, Spring
>Grafting, Summer Orchard Tour, Fall Apple Tasting) to share ideas and
>fellowship. Members also receive a newsletter, Backyard Fruit Grower, which
>has a circulation of about 240.
>To subscribe send $12 for 2 years or $25 for 5 years and snailmail to
>Don Ziegler, editor,
>817 High Street,
>Akron, PA 17501-1417.
>e-mail: Donzig@redrose.net
>URL: http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~dailey/byfg.html
>Ozarks Regional NAFEX Chapter
>Includes SW Missouri, SE Kansas, NE Oklahoma and NW Arkansas.
>Dues are $5.00 per year.
>Contact person:
>Alinda Van der Meer
>1653 Porter Ave.
>Aurora, MO 65605
>Groups with similar goals, but not directly allied to NAFEX
>Located in western Washington state.
>Evelyn Troughton,
>Treasurer & Newsletter Editor, WCFS,
>2625 - 13th. Ave.W.
>Unit #306
>Seattle Wa. 98119
>e-mail etroughton@juno.com
>You can also contact
>Chuck Parkman   <kc7nmm@tenforward.com>
>The oldest of all the groups, more than half a century old.  While it deals
>mostly with nuts such as pecans, hickories, hardy English walnuts, and 
>it also deals with persimmons, pawpaws, and a few other native American
>For membership
>Nancy Petitt, Treasurer
>PO Box 550
>Townsend, DE 19734-0550
>ph (302) 659-1731
>fx (302) 659-1732
>e-mail: chestnutsunltd@email.msn.com
>Tucker Hill, Secretary
>654 Beinhower Rd.
>Etters, PA 17319-9774
>ph/fx (717) 938-6090
>e-mail: tuckerh@microserve.net
>NNGA1s web site: www.icserv.com/nnga/
>Home Orchard Society
>Incorporated in 1976 in Portland, Oregon.
>Our purpose is to assist both new and experienced
>fruit growers in the science, culture and pleasure
>of growing good fruit in the home orchard.
>The Home Orchard Society
>P.O. Box 230192
>Tigard, OR 97281-0192, USA
>Members work with tropical and subtropical fruits and nuts.  Their
>publication is the only one in full color with more photos than all others
>combined.  Members in many countries.
>Each membership, annually, receives six bimonthly issues of the Fruit
>Gardener magazine.
>     U.S.    Foreign
>Surface mail Air mail
>Single Year $21 $27 $39
>Three Years $56 $72 $105
>Life Memberships   $245 $310 $445
>Make checks payable to CRFG, Inc. and mail to:
>California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc.
>5081 Dartmouth Ave.
>Westminster, CA 92683
>URL: http://www.crfg.org
>From: "dwalsh/wchase" <wchase@interchange.ubc.ca>
>Subject: BC Fruit Testers
>B.C. Fruit Testers Association
>P.O. Box 48123, 3575 Douglas Street
>Victoria, BC, Canada
>V8Z 7H5
>No website
>Email: <bcfta@mybc.com>
>Additonal contact person (also a NAFEX member)
>Derry Walsh
>Aldergrove,  B. C.,  Canada
>phone/fax (604) 856-9316

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