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Re: [nafex] viburnam trilobam

wendy, thanks so much for your efforts in laying out web sites and a lovely 
pic of a highbush, i will continue to pursue the linked sites of these sites 
later this winter.    the wealth of knowledge and help to be found in this 
nafex is just wonderful,   when we moved here 5 years back i went to the 
university extension agent and asked about fruit growing, he said 'forget 
apples!!'   well ive since learned quite differently, even if it is zone 2b. 
   nafex is full of hope   del, n. minnesota    thanks to you all

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>To: nafex@egroups.com
>Subject: Re: [nafex] viburnam trilobam
>Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 03:09:41 EDT
>I have three trees. Here's a picture of one
>Here are some links you might find helpful......
>The Highbush Cranberry - A Multipurpose Shrub
>Medicinally, preparations of the fruit have been used as an astringent to
>treat swollen glands. The bark yields a preparation (containing a bitter
>compound called viburnine) that has been used as an apparently effective
>antispasmodic for relief of menstrual and stomach cramps, and asthma. The
>antispasmodic properties were independently known to European, Native
>American, and Asian peoples.
>Saskatchewan Fruit Growers Association
>Cold Hardiness Ratings for Selected Woody Plants
>At McIntyre's, we hand-pick hardy plants that will survive in Zones 1-4.
><< i'm in one of the tiny pockets of zone 2 that
>  northern minnesota is blessed with.   im now 3 years into a lifelong
>  quest to grow any kind of fruit that can make it here, well or at all.
>  highbush cranbery is native, happy , and relatively rare here.   an old
>  timer told me that was diferent before the depression in the 30's.   he
>  and every other kid went out gathering it, selling the bark for a
>  handsome  price as a medicinal-- so much so that it was well nearly
>  wiped out.   are any of you nafexers growing these, a few or
>  commercially?  does any one know of a market these days for the bark?  >>
>Peace and Carrots Farm

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