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[nafex] Prunus mahaleb "Pontaleb"

After is a translation from France, may be Claude could correct it if 

 Prunus mahaleb ( Saint Lucie) is the object of an important work for several 
years at the INRA of Bordeaux (France). Selected within Prunus mahaleb 
seedling's  in 1960, introduced in 1967, the clone SL 64 is used for several 
decades; it gives satisfaction as stock of medium vigor, and it is at present 
the rootstock of cherry tree the most multiplied (150 000 a year in France). 
Several generations of self-fertilization  realized from self-compatible 
Prunus mahaleb specie allowed then the relesead of a new rootstock: PONTALEB 
(cv. Ferci) , recently proposed to the french orchardists.
Besides been easily  propagate by sowing for nurseryman, it also presents 
homogeneous trees in the field and give recognized superior productivity 
(yield)for the orchardist (100 000 trees sold last year in France).

There is no allusion to frost hardiness. I supposed it can withstand -4F 
(-20C) one of the coldest temperature for France.

NAFEX - France -

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