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[nafex] Orchard Article


1.  Those tree numbers are not all deadly accurate.  Actually, I have
two Eur. pears; a full-bearing Flemish Beauty, and a young Magness I got
from Ed.  Thinking about putting in a Potomac next spring if I can find
a place to tuck it in.  I really only have 3 apricots; two bearing
Tomcots and a little Puget Gold.  Also, Adrian really didn't make it
clear that I have 34 different apple varieties, with two each of
Jonagold, Empire, Ashmead's Kernel and Gala, for a total of 38.  By no
means all are in production, however.
2.  I have not tried neem oil.  Thought it was only an insecticide, not
a fungicide.  I did have a lot more trouble with rots and necrotic spots
in the apples this season, due, I guess, to the frequent rains, and an
attack of cedar apple rust.  I would like to try neem oil if it is not
outlandishly priced, and available in fairly large quantities --- say
quarts.  What's a good source?  Problem is, with all these trees, I need
more than a few ounces to be able to cover the orchard.  I think captan
does some good, but how much, I don't know.  Next spring, I will have to
apply something for CAR, which I believe is now established in the
3.  While the online version of the orchard article has no apple
picture, the print version does.  They used one of the Kandil Sinap
photos.  Kind of a washed-out version in the paper, but still
attractive.  The neighbors seem pleased with the picture of me faking
some pruning.  It has me looking serious, yet slightly noble.  Thank god
I had on a clean shirt.  They must have gone through all the 40-odd
shots the photographer took and picked the best one.
4.  Rocky Meadow appears as one of the nursery sources in the print
version.  That's kind of a good result.  I happened to have a catalog
handy, and gave it to the writer.

Best Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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