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Re: [nafex] Orchard Article

Donald Yellman wrote:  2.  I have not tried neem oil.  Thought it was only
an insecticide, not
>a fungicide.  I did have a lot more trouble with rots and necrotic spots
>in the apples this season, due, I guess, to the frequent rains, and an
>attack of cedar apple rust.  I would like to try neem oil if it is not
>outlandishly priced, and available in fairly large quantities --- say
>quarts.  What's a good source?  Problem is, with all these trees, I need
>more than a few ounces to be able to cover the orchard.  I think captan
>does some good, but how much, I don't know.  Next spring, I will have to
>apply something for CAR, which I believe is now established in the

 My answer:  Yes, neem seed oil has fungicide properties.  When I lived on
the Gulf Coast of Texas (the humidity, cockroach and fungus capitol of the
world) and grew peaches, I used only neem seed oil sprays to control fungus
and insects with great results.  It is sold by Green Light under the name
Vegetable, Fruit and Nut Spray, and Lowe's Home Improvement Centers carry
it.  A bottle is about $8 and makes gallons and gallons of spray.  If you
cannot find it in stores, go to the Green Light website and order it there.
I believe it is www.greenlight.com  I could be wrong, but any search engine
can find the site's URL.

Yes, you did look noble and focused as you pruned for the camera!
Doreen Howard

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