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Re: [nafex] slowfood

Hey everybody, I just found these neat addresses in the latest Utne Reader.
Here's one if you want to buy or sell local produce.  Might be just the
thing for some of you with orchards too small to be commercial, but too big
to eat it all yourself.
    And I may be slow, but even I have heard (as of last night) of the
Slowfood movement sweeping Europe to fight the invasion of American style
fast foods.  Here are all us stick in the muds, clinging to old varieties
and attitudes, and we may suddenly be swept to the forefront of a big
movement.  What a heady thought!!  Anyway, there seem to be 2 addresses for
this, the first is international.
Have fun!  Hey, and shouldn't some of this get into Pomona?  Esp the local
harvest information.  I just asked them for a snail mail address with that
in mind.  I also told them about 2 local produce farmers who aren't on their
list.  Donna TN z6

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