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RE: [nafex] Male Persimmon/Sassafras

Title: RE: [nafex] Male Persimmon/Sassafras

Joe, et all...

Seeing your reply with word "Sassafras" in it triggered this question... My parents live on the west side of Michigan where Sassafras thrive.  I have longed to start a Sassafras grove because of their fragrance and their fall color.  I cannot figure out, though, how I can transplant/move some from there to central Indiana.  Part of it is their taproot which makes it hard to transplant.  Any suggestions?

North of Indianapolis, Heaven 

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Hello all:

As you guessed, I do intend to use the results as yard trees.

The female persimmons and unselected males have pretty clean foliage
right up to the end.  I suspect that Michigan has lower humidity than
Tennesee/North Carolina....or at least shorter periods of high
temp/humidity.  I do know a couple of ways to enhance fall color but
they are borderline cruel.  One is to starve them for Nitrogen.  The
other is to wrap about three turns of barbed wire around the trunk.
Better to start with trees that *want* to give you fall color.

Persimmons are pretty little trees.  The larger leaved selections have
a tropical look to them.  I think they would be spectacular with hot
orange-to-scarlet fall colors.  Sassafras was a consideration (for
color) but they seem to be easily damaged in ice storms.

                                     Joe Hecksel
                                     Eaton Rapids, Michigan

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